On the footsteps of the new customer in the Digital times

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Adapting to the new customer journey takes analysis, strategy, time, and investment. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to transition. And along the way, you’ll learn a lot about how your customers respond to your new approaches.

We help brands navigate this transition to become a digitally focused brand.

While change brings challenge, it also brings great opportunity. Many brands are adapting and thriving in the digital era and others are stagnating and eventually will become obsolete. By embracing digital, you can be on the winning side of this shift, find ways to edge out competition, deliver new experiences, and create a closer, long-term connection with your customers.

How and when we shop, make purchasing decisions, and engage with brands has completely changed.

 In the digital era, the passive customer has been replaced with an active, engaged customer. He can instantly find information about your product, reviews, service, company mission, and actions. Through social media, two-way communication and engagement between customers and brands is now expected.

Here are a set of factors that could influence your customers in their acquisition journey:

  • Your brand message
  • Your company’s actions
  • Your brands’ social media
  • Your Brand Ambassadors’ social media
  • Customer reviews
  • Digital word-of-mouth
  • Technical product information
  • Your web experience across mobile and desktop devices
  • The customer post-purchase experience

Modern technology and digital channels, widely available today, have reshaped the consumer journey from discovery to purchase, which is now more complex. It is no longer about a static and linear way, from the brand to the consumer, but an integrated one, from the consumer to the brand. Moreover, because each consumer is different, it is important to understand how media influence him in the buying decision.

The decision-making process is now a circular journey with several phases:

  1. AwarenessMarketing to acquire new customers! It’s important to have a strong presence through the channels where your customers are beginning their journey online
  1. Consideration – It is the time for an active evaluation! Users have narrowed down their choice to fewer brands. They are responding to your website, ease of use across devices, speed, content, feeling. They are reading customer reviews. They are reviewing your social media. They are reading technical product information. They are watching videos on YouTube to see how your product works.
  1. Purchase – Good Job! You succeeded to convince them to become your costumers.
  1. Post purchase – Enjoy, Advocate, Bond! Your consumers continue to experience with your product, your brand, so it’s time to build and strengthen your bond with them by personalizing the marketing and offerings and providing exclusive promotions. Keep them in the Loyalty Loop and they will repeat the purchase without going through the earlier decision journey phases.


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