Conquering your customers begin with branding and communication

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Do you speak your client language? Are you on the same frequency? 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, general manager, or marketing specialist, the language and the communication channel used to interact with your audience are those that will allow you to be seen, heard, felt, understood and, last but not least, bought. But before you start talking to your audience about what you sell, what you do and how you do it, you should tell him WHY you do what you do. ”Why” is the emotional component that causes us to buy, or as the neurologists say, the limbic system of the brain.

What is not seen, but felt, is actually what matters.

Because when your consumer identifies with your company’s principles, values, vision, and belief, everything becomes about HIM and less about the name of your company or product. When inspired, motivated, the decisions we make have more to do with who and what we are.

Take the Apple example. As a structure, products, services they are like any other competitor: Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. But why are they more successful, more innovative and profitable? How do they manage to build a community so loyal? Because people do not buy what you’re doing, but WHY you are doing it. So, the reason behind your products and services. Apple manages to be authentic just because it manages to correlate very well the two components: the reason and the vision behind their products. That’s why it’s among the few companies that attract hundreds of customers to queues for hours to buy a new product.

So, the price, the quality, the features of a product, the services are important, but they are today, however, the cost of entering into the business.

Differentiation takes place in the WHY of what you do.

I think it’s a bad assumption that the “differentiation” of one brand from another takes place in their HOW and WHAT. Just by offering a product with a better quality, more features, a better service or a lower price is no longer enough, and that is not what differentiation means. This is what happens in the WHY of what you are doing.

How about customer loyalty?

Loyalty comes from the inspiration you bring into people’s lives. Only when your WHY is clear and people believe in what you think, then a true loyalty relationships unfolds.

Products are not just symbols of what a company thinks, they also serve as symbols that identify loyal buyers. A product is a symbol of what I am. Because the products that integrate the WHY, the motivation, are the ones that give people a way to tell the outside world who they are and what they think.

So who are you and what do you want to become?

Starting from this question, we have built the agency’s brand strategy, but it is also the question of starting the brand development of our customers.

The agency I run, MD Communication, is built on the vision that only when you think, act and communicate starting with your WHY, you can inspire others. And the communication services we offer to our clients come as a consequence. We are selective when choosing our partners because they have to resonate with our values ​​and the vision of doing things, believe in what we believe. And it is how confidence arise.


The first impression counts if you want to be seen by your audience. Then be careful when building your visual identity. Whether it’s the logo design, a brand material or a website, we make sure your first contact with your audience is engaging and it delivers the right message.

When there is so much noise and every brand speaks on its language, its own social media channels and new technologies help you to be heard.

Brands that say a story with rich content and visual courage, activate both the right and the left side of the brain. The creative part is thus involved in the story and stimulated. That’s how stories help us experience emotions. And brands get to be “felt” by their customers.

We advise our partners to have integrated communication processes on which to build a simple, coherent and transparent brand, focusing on their communication journey rather than our own sales process.

For us, your brand’s journey is our reward!

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