SEO best practices to implement in 2019

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We live today in an era of a one click order, with instant gratification, customization, express delivery, instant feedback and social rating. It is not a surprise if you feel overwhelmed by the explosion of digital platforms and channels.

But keep in mind that Content is your ally in your marketing strategies and also for your budgets. Because content marketing costs 62% less than traditional MK and generates about 3 times as many leads. SEO and content go hand in hand and became the most important tools in promoting a business.

Here are some trendy tips to use it in 2019:

User experience (UX) design is the heart of your website.

And should be an integral part of any marketing and SEO strategy.

You should consider factors like page speed, menu design, mobile responsiveness, and URL structure. Your UX design directly affects your SEO rankings through user engagement metrics.

Content is the soul of your SEO strategy.

Align keywords with your audience’s search queries

Good content is about telling a true story well, a story that answers to your customers needs. That kind of content drives engagement! If the content is relevant and matches your clients’ search intent, then you will earn inbound links, site traffic and also a good sale at the end of his purchasing journey.

Incorporate video in your pages.

Video content provide fast information and supports decision-making,

Using videos on your websites can increase conversions by as much as 80% by engaging viewers directly, building trust, and holding their attention for longer than other tools. Great for your business, right? Because the more time one stays on your website, the more he engages with the content and Google likes that.

Voice Search is the new weapon of SEO.

People type and speak very differently.

You need to brainstorm what kind of questions people might ask related to your target keywords. Voice search only returns one answer to searchers from the number one best optimized result.

Voice commands are a great tool when you’re cooking and need to check a recipe or to get local business information while driving.

So the real key to voice search optimization is making your content as relevant as possible to Google for the specific query.





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