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Today’s scene is for MD Communication.

Every brand has a story and MD Communication started its journey last year, in Mid September. Its journey is simple. It has courage, emotion and a lot of ambition. With these values in mind everything was created: the brand, the relations with clients, suppliers, internal team, media,etc.

Here, we do not talk about services.We care about people who enter in our world to make a journey together, that changes perceptions and cross barriers. We talk about our client’s reward because it is our purpose every morning. We listen and apply accordingly, so the experiences to be meaningful integrated.

In a world where the competition regularly claims to be #1, it’s difficult to differentiate and build a successful brand identity. But, with a relevant Brand Strategy, we helped our clients to stand out from the crowd and to identify their key attributes that made their brands so unique.

First impressions count. No matter what. With our Visual Identity services, we came up with creative visual proposals and messages that captured the audience of our clients: Hafele Romania, VELUX Romania, Art&Craft, Academia Ilie Nastase, Ingenio Software, Equestria – Salonul Calului, etc. Whether it was designing a website, a logo, brand materials, or even brochures and catalogues, we’ve taken care of every first connection that brands made with their audience.

In our daily activities, we create stories that drive results. That is what PR Communication means. From an idea to its materialisation, we transform every aspect of event management in a compelling Brand Experience. What a great journey we had with VELUX Romania 20 years anniversary event, Handsome Monk Christmas Brunch, Rustler 5 years anniversary event,  Jubile Catering Summer Brunch, Jubile Concept launch event, Salonul Calului Equestrian Competitions.


These 12 months were about: corporate and consumer PR, integrated campaigns: print, online and radio, content communication, strong media relations, blogger campaigns and so many other tactics that built reputation and achieved business results. GEZE Romania, Art & Craft, VELUX Romania, HAFELE Romania, Jubile Catering, Rustler Romania, Handsome Monk, Centrul oftalmologic Oculus, etc.

Nevertheless, in our 360 strategic communication agency Digital & Social Media Management service meets the continuous trends of the digital landscape. Successful online strategies, Google campaigns, attractive content and social media management helped our clients to connect and engage with their audiences.

We are proud of each collaboration and very thankful for our clients’ support during this tremendous  journey.

Thank you all for being here with us!


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